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Mud & Musk was founded in 2016, in Perth, Australia.

It brings together two of my key passions. A love for natural skincare and a commitment to support environmentally friendly and sustainable practices.

This journey began after coming across a documentary about the damaging consequences of the Frankincense industry in my country of origin. It challenged me to consider how I could best support sustainable and fair trade practices when sourcing cosmetic ingredients.

At the same time, being raised in a home where DIY skincare is the norm, I have always maintained a philosophy that skincare should not have to be expensive and that great skin can be achieved using natural ingredients at home.

MUD & MUSK aims to make it easier to get in touch with natural ingredients, their history and how they are sourced. Ensuring that DIY skincare can be accessible, affordable and ethical.

It is also essential to acknowledge the owners of traditional knowledge of cosmetic ingredients and their uses. Our first range, the DIY Nomad Range, focuses on highlighting this traditional knowledge and ensuring those closest to its source should benefit first and foremost.

This begins with our first stop in Hargeisa, Somaliland, where we look at an ingredient used for centuries by Somali women: QASIL. An organic cleansing leaf powder typically used to create a face mask. QASIL is the key ingredient in our customisable DIY kit: the HARGEISA DIY kit.